Little Green Tours

Kia Ora, Welcome.

We are a unique tour experience offering personal, customised tours for one or two people with your own private driver and guide, focussing on the Central North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

How are we unique?

We are the first customised tour operators who chauffeur our guests in a late model 100% fully electric vehicle. Our car is a Hyundai Ioniq that has zero fuel emissions. It is spacious, has leather seats, great visibility and is serenely quiet so you can enjoy the journey without the noise.

Our Electric Vehicle represents our passion and consideration for the New Zealand environment and the Planet. We don’t leave a carbon footprint and we think that’s important.

Our country is known for being clean and green. It has pristine beaches, rainforests, lakes, rivers, bubbling hot pools, and limestone caves with glow worms. We are passionate about sustainability and the fact that New Zealand’s power generation is 87% based on renewable energy including Hydro, Wind, Solar and Geothermal power. Our tours are designed around the natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

We would love to show you some of the features of the hydro power schemes, and our geothermal fields that are known for the bubbling hot mud pools and geysers around Rotorua. We can show you the energy being harnessed through steam which in turn produces electricity for our homes and businesses.

We will chauffer you in an electric vehicle along the Thermal Highway, and we won’t rush from one attraction to the next. We want you to enjoy the experience as much as the countryside. We drive on smaller local roads and lesser highways so you can see what authentic New Zealand is really like.

Because we are a small group, you can stop wherever you want and explore landmarks and towns along the way. It could be a country market, a lavender farm, native wildlife and flora. We want to show you parts of New Zealand that the bigger tour groups do not, and because we are little and flexible, we can ensure your travels are memorable and unique because it is tailored to your plans not ours.

We stay overnight in smaller towns giving you a taste of kiwi life while ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The accommodation is close to amenities and facilities to suit your needs. They are eco- friendly where possible and gentle on the environment. Any Electric Vehicle charging stops for your touring vehicle are near amenities so they also provide refreshment and comfort stops.

If you want a really personal view of New Zealand, and take a trip along slower byways and country roads, then join Little Green Tours and let us show you New Zealand a different way: a safe way and an eco- friendly way. You will leave no carbon footprint but will take memorable experiences of your unique journey in our environmentally friendly vehicle.

Browse our suggested itineraries and featured attractions, then use the Messenger Chat or Enquiry Form to contact us. We can help you put together a customised and personal journey, or choose from our overnight add on itineraries, to take you where you want to go in this awe inspiring, magical country we call Aotearoa.

Welcome, or as we say, Haere Mai to Little Green Tours – Zero Carbon Travel.