Our Vehicle

Our tour vehicle is a Hyundai Ioniq, Elite.

With its fully electric powertrain the Hyundai Ioniq offers a road travelling experience as enjoyable as it is efficient. This electric vehicle is 100% guilt free travel and kind on the environment with Zero Carbon Emissions, but there is no compromise on comfort or style.

It has leather seats, individual front and rear heated seat controls, with a centre console armrest between the rear seats. It has wireless smart phone and 12volt auxiliary charging for mobile devices. The sound system has 8 speakers including a sub woofer, and climate control air conditioning with an interior pollen filter for added comfort.

It is an extremely safe vehicle with numerous features including a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, 7 airbags and autonomous emergency braking.

We belong to Chargenet, a nationwide network of fast and efficient charging stations. You can experience the EV (electric vehicle) revolution that is new to New Zealand and will be, we believe, the future of sustainable transportation.

It is clean, efficient, quiet, and very safe.

If this is your first journey in an EV, we hope you will enjoy the comfort and experience of this technically advanced vehicle. We will be happy to share our experiences of owning an EV as we have been driving one for 18 months throughout New Zealand. We are passionate about this form of travel and are enthusiastic about using it for our tours for our trips outside our hub, Rotorua.

Zero Carbon Travel