Little Green Tours is a Rotorua based environmentally friendly customised tour business with a focus on the natural beauty of the Central North Island of New Zealand (Te Ika-a-Maui). Little Green Tours will chauffeur you in a prestigious Hyundai Ioniq Elite, a Zero Carbon Emission, 100% fully electric vehicle so you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving a carbon footprint. Because we are passionate about the environment and reducing the use of fossil fuels, we will plant a New Zealand native tree in your honour for every tour taken. 

Tours based on the four main elements of the environment: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Here are some of our suggested tours of the Central North Island which can be adapted to suit you. A customised tour may include highlights or attractions from each of the four element tours. Day Tours of Rotorua where you choose what you want to see, or we can help you to design your unique tour whether this is one day or many days.


Earth is represented by unique landforms both under and above ground and scenery created by the forces of nature.

Highlights of the Earth Tour include Middle Earth Hobbiton, the underground grotto of Waitomo Caves with limestone stalactites, stalagmites and Glow worms, Sanctuary Mountain mainland ecological island and wildlife sanctuary, and the 100% organic commercial tea estate.


Air is represented by steam and gas. The volcanic Central Plateau is on a geothermal seam where steam rises, and erupts through geysers, and gas escapes as either bubbles in hot pools or vents through cracks in the earth’s crust.

Highlights of the Air Tour include the Waikite Thermal Valley and pools, Wairakei Thermal Pools, and the awe inspiring and beautiful Waimangu Valley alive with bubbling hot water lakes and waterfalls.


Fire is represented by volcanoes and earthquakes that shape the country. New Zealand sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the tectonic boundary plates are moving, and the landscape is constantly changing.

Highlights of the Fire Tour include the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park, an earthquake simulator, steaming hot mud pools and molten glass shaped by fire to create beautiful artefacts and sculptures.


Water is represented by the mighty Waikato River, the longest river in New Zealand running for 425kms.  Explore New Zealand’s beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls and natural freshwater springs.

Highlights of the Water Tour include mystical Te Aroha Mineral Spa, renowned for its healing properties and natural hot soda springs since the 1800’s, geysers, Kaiate and Owharoa Falls and the internationally acclaimed pure Putaruru Blue Spring.